NEWS: I do Not blame Internet fraudsters (Yahoo Yahoo) – Vector | Read

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NEWS: I do Not blame Internet fraudsters (Yahoo Yahoo) – Vector | Read

Rapper, Olanrewaju Ogunmefun, otherwise called Vector, says he knows about the continuous war against Internet fraudsters, famously known as yahoo yahoo, yet he will never pass judgement on the general population in the demonstration.

In a visit recently, Vector said it would be a joke if individuals think he is into Internet extortion since he had chosen not to pass judgement on the offenders. He expressed, “I think everybody knows my story and how I began (my profession) in 2009. In the event that I am into yahoo, it will be too evident to even think about hiding. Be that as it may, I don’t accuse any individual who does it since I am not in a situation to pass judgement on individuals.

“I bolster anything any man does as long as he most likely is aware there are consequences. Since you realise you can go to imprison for it despite everything you do online extortion, I have nothing to state to you. In any case, I put stock in diligent work and I don’t see anybody’s a great opportunity to work. I am doing my things the manner in which I should.”

Vector additionally portrayed parenthood as delightful and unnerving, saying he would never deny having a girl outside wedlock. He stated, “Having a youngster implies you will have a consistent picture of someone in your mind each day. Before my little girl was conceived, I was frightened like each other young fellow. The world is presently difficult to bring up an offspring. Our folks had the capacity to shield us from specific things however it is an alternate thing now, particularly with the coming of the Internet.

“When I lost my father, it appeared my little girl knew. Before I could separate, she would bounce on me to play. Parenthood accompanies its own battles yet it merits the penances. I will never deny my kid yet she merits her entitlement to security. What about in the event that she grows up and doesn’t care for exposure?”

The rapper additionally expressed that he wasn’t fretted over whether he would get a kid or young lady when his child mom was pregnant. He stated, “I couldn’t have cared less if my youngster was a kid or a young lady. I even snicker when they state ladies need uniformity since it is weird to me. I have never looked down on ladies and I don’t anticipate that any man should do as such.”

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